What's Making Noise

What's Making Noise

What's Making Noise


Friday, August 28, 201508/28/2015

Little girls help women get ready for a first date

How do you think they look?


Thursday, August 27, 201508/27/2015

This dad has the BEST response after his son buys a doll

This guy is raising his kids right!!!!


Wednesday, August 26, 201508/26/2015

WDBJ VP annouces death of journalists

A reporter and cameraman from CNN affiliate WDBJ were killed during a shooting incident that occurred on live television


Monday, August 24, 201508/24/2015

Reporter makes 4 year old cry on first day of school


photo: reddit user orweezy

Tuesday, August 18, 201508/18/2015

Buckeye fans walk to spell out ‘Script Ohio’ on Google maps

6.5 hours and 19 miles later..


Friday, August 14, 201508/14/2015

Urban Meyer featured in ESPN College Football Playoff Promo

Go Bucks!


Friday, August 14, 201508/14/2015

Corgi does aerobics

Let’s get physical!


Thursday, August 13, 201508/13/2015

Cat falls in bathtub

Poor kitty!


Monday, August 10, 201508/10/2015

Guys wear bras for a week

Men demonstrating their “support” for women by wearing bras


Monday, August 10, 201508/10/2015

Soldiers surprise daughter at school magic show!

Julia and Brian Woodburn (US Army) have been deployed separating them not only from each other, but their daughter, Addison.


in Entertainment

‘Siri, can you give me a hint?’ Apple confirms September event


The rumors are true: Apple will host an event Sept. 9 in San Francisco.

in Viral Videos

This is one way to get a tan


It's summer and the beaches are packed - so this guy got some private sunbathing time while sky high.

in Entertainment

Netflix drug drama ‘Narcos’ blurs line between cartels, agents


Not all cops are good guys and not all drug suppliers are obvious villains in the dark drug drama "Narcos," a bilingual examination of the history of cocaine smuggling in America and its most menacing supplier.

in Music

VMA Preview: Bieber’s back, Miley hosts


Designer Jeremy Scott says to expect the unexpected when comes to the fashion and the music at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards.

in Entertainment

The secret to Rob Lowe’s ageless face


The 51-year-old actor will star in a new series this fall, "The Grinder," and still looks as good as ever.