What's Making Noise

What's Making Noise

What's Making Noise


Saturday, March 28, 201503/28/2015

The ultimate way to cook bacon!

You won’t make bacon the same again!


Friday, March 27, 201503/27/2015

Central Ohio Easter Egg Hunts

We have the source for the best Easter Egg hunting in your neighborhood.


Friday, March 27, 201503/27/2015

Family cat protects toddler from hot stove!

Just one more reason to love cats


Thursday, March 26, 201503/26/2015

8 Things To Get Rid Of Today!

Time for some spring cleaning!


Thursday, March 26, 201503/26/2015

Ed Sheeran Surprises Deserving Wedding Couple

This is too perfect!


Tuesday, March 24, 201503/24/2015

Secrets revealed for shopping at Target!

Check out these Target shopping hacks!


Tuesday, March 24, 201503/24/2015

Amazing Duvet Cover Trick!

You’ll never fight with your duvet cover again after watching this!

photo: clipart.com

Tuesday, March 17, 201503/17/2015

Kraft Recalls More Than 240,000 Cases of Mac & Cheese!

See if this recall effects your pantry


Tuesday, March 17, 201503/17/2015

Taking Green a Little Too Far!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day check out this list of green foods

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Monday, March 16, 201503/16/2015

Top 10 Irish Musicians of All Time

These Irish musicians have made the biggest impact on the Billboard Hot 100 chart over the decades. Here’s the list…


in Entertainment

The best April Fools’ Day pranks by companies


Google Panda, the Samsung smart knife, and more: Because even corporate America likes to pull one over on us.

in Music, Entertainment

Rihanna isn’t dating Leonardo DiCaprio … she swears


The "Diamonds" hitmaker and the actor have been spotted at several events together, but she swears she's "too busy" to date.

in Sports, Viral Videos

WATCH: Puppies predict the Final Four


It's a totally unscientific, but completely adorable, way to predict the winner of the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship.

in Music

That ‘new’ Zayn Malik song is actually an old demo


The pop star's reported first solo song after quitting One Direction has been revealed as an old demo track by the boy band.

in Entertainment

Mark Wahlberg plans movie about Boston Marathon bombing


The Massachusetts-born actor is set to produce a movie based on the horrific 2013 attacks.