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Tuesday, August 4, 201508/04/2015

Why Women Are Always Cold At The Office.

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Is there a battle of the thermostat at your office? Especially in the summer? Not always, but most of the…


Monday, August 3, 201508/03/2015

Dino’s Digs: Yeah, I’d Pay Extra For That

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Would you pay extra to always have something at your disposal? Apparently a lot of people would.


Friday, July 31, 201507/31/2015

Dino’s Digs: Why and When Parents Lie

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Appearing “cool” to your kids can be tough.

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Friday, July 31, 201507/31/2015

The most precious bucket list you will “see.”

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Here is the story of 5-year-old Lizzie Myers of Bellville, Ohio. Her parents want to show her the beauty of…


Friday, July 31, 201507/31/2015

JC Penney employee sent home for violating dress code

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Thursday, July 30, 201507/30/2015

Mark’s Out & About: July 20th – August 2nd

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Presented by   Concerts The Columbus Symphony will host Picnic with the Pops featuring the OSU Marching Band at the…


Thursday, July 30, 201507/30/2015

Dino’s Digs: Bullies Never Win…Or Do They?

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What goes around comes around…eventually.


Thursday, July 30, 201507/30/2015

It’s Miracle Treat Day at your local Dairy Queen!!

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Today only! It is Miracle Treat day at participating Dairy Queen locations! When you buy a Blizzard, $1 or more…


Thursday, July 30, 201507/30/2015

Jimmy Kimmel takes on the lion shooter!

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This video has some graphic descriptions and language. Jimmy Kimmel takes the dentist that shot a famous lion to task

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Wednesday, July 29, 201507/29/2015

Dino’s Digs: But, I Don’t Have A Favorite Social Network…

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Forget Face Time – give me face-to-face time.

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Love is not dead: Will and Jada aren’t divorcing


"Men in Black" star Will Smith took the unusual step of publicly shooting down a report that he and his actress wife of 17 years had decided to divorce.

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Gwen and Gavin are calling it quits


Is "The Voice" ruining marriages?

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TODAY’S MUST SEE: When a giant crane lands on your house


Two construction cranes and a portion of a bridge being replaced in the Netherlands came crashing down, landing on nearby homes.

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Today in entertainment history: Aug. 4


A walk down Hollywood's memory lane.

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Ronda Rousey biopic in the works


Paramount executives have picked up the rights to the 28-year-old's autobiography.