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JENI’S ICE CREAM has done it again.  Known for her unusual combinations of tastes and flavors, she has put an ice cream recipe together that just might help you beat the flu.

The new flavor is called INFLUENZA SORBET.  Granted, not the most appetizing name for ice cream, but its made with cayenne pepper, ginger, honey, fruit juices and- MAKER’S MARK WHISKEY.  Think about it and yeah- it IS a combination of home spun stuff we’ve done to curb or cure a cold.  Cayenne pepper for congestion, honey for the throat, ginger for the headaches, fruit juices for the Vitamin C and to stay hydrated and the MAKER’S MARK for…for, um- I don’t know!  It’s ice cream with BOOZE in it.  Who cares!

A pint goes for 12 dollars.  A fifth of MAKERS is considerably more.  I’ve had that with honey to soothe a sore throat.  I’m sure the other ingredients are hanging around my house as well, but I trust JENI has blended everything perfectly, so I will gladly part with 12 bucks for a pint of INFLUENZA SORBET.  And what the hey- I don’t even have the flu.

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