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Thursday, March 6, 201403/06/2014

The madness is coming…will it destroy your company?

We’ve all got that person. The one you work with that you don’t know until they win your office’s March Madness pool.


Wednesday, March 5, 201403/05/2014

Giving up booze and candy for the Lord

The Lenten season has begun, time to give up something you really love. But what if you forget?


Tuesday, March 4, 201403/04/2014

Would you take a test to determine when you would die?

If you could find out when you’re going to die, would you?

The 86th Annual Academy Awards Press Room

Monday, March 3, 201403/03/2014

Oscar has come and “gown.”

Most of the Oscar winners this year were a foregone conclusion, but the red carpet is still a big draw.


Tuesday, February 25, 201402/25/2014

You’ll get back to me when?

You need a quick response? Here’s how to get it.

'American Hustle'

Monday, February 24, 201402/24/2014

67% of us haven’t seen the best of the best

There’s always plenty of buzz around the Oscars, but have you actually seen the movies?


Friday, February 21, 201402/21/2014

The most influential candy bar of all time

Some of the most influential candy bars of all time are shareable. But don’t expect a piece from me.


Thursday, February 20, 201402/20/2014

If you could bring back a fad, what would it be?

We’ve had some crazy fads over the years.


Wednesday, February 19, 201402/19/2014

We just can’t keep a secret

Guys like to think they’re good at keeping secrets, the keyword being think.


Tuesday, February 18, 201402/18/2014

A nationwide shortage of…clowns

Add a shortage of clowns to the growing list of problems Americans face.

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