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In this photo made Nov. 8, 2013, books dealing with alcohol and prohibition are seen in the library of the Neal Dow House in Portland, Maine. Neal Dow, a Union general, entrepreneur and teetotaling crusader, led the push as Maine became the first state to adopt a prohibition law.

Tuesday, April 22, 201404/22/2014

Cool Before It Was “Cool.”

I don’t claim to be the coolest guy out there, I just know what I like.


Monday, April 21, 201404/21/2014

55 And Still Alive…

Today is my 55th birthday. I didn’t think I’d get this far.

This product image provided by Facebook shows the “Nearby Friends" tool. Using your smartphone’s GPS system, it will tell your Facebook friends _ provided they have the feature turned on _ that you are nearby. Rather than share your exact location, though, it will only show that you are in close proximity, say within half a mile. Then, if you want, you can manually share your exact location with a friend you’d like to meet up with, so they can see where you are located in a particular park, airport or city block.

Friday, April 18, 201404/18/2014

Nowhere To Run And Nowhere To Hide.

Facebook’s latest feature is another attempt to muscle their way into your world. It’s not going to work on me.


Thursday, April 17, 201404/17/2014

Why Not Let “Me” Determine If I’m Happy.

A new study suggests spooning at night means you’re in a healthy relationship. Not so fast my friends.

photo: Amazon.com

Wednesday, April 16, 201404/16/2014

Never Leave The House Again! (In Theory)

Amazon Dash brings you one step closer to never entering the world.

Hammock Bliss Sky Bed

Tuesday, April 15, 201404/15/2014

Nap, and Die!

The latest on the list of things you do that can kill you: naps.

Cell Phone

Monday, April 14, 201404/14/2014

France has made this illegal. We should too.

I may never be employee of the month because I’m unplugged, but I’ve got something you don’t: freedom.

Online Dating

Friday, April 11, 201404/11/2014

Should you offer up full disclosure on your dating profile?

Meeting someone via online dating? You don’t want your ice breaker to be this…


Thursday, April 10, 201404/10/2014

What do you miss from home when you’re away?

There are things I have to check during every vacation. Chances are you do the same thing without even thinking about it.

Celebrities arriving at 'Late Show with David Letterman'

Friday, April 4, 201404/04/2014

My Top Ten Reasons David Letterman Is Retiring

Who knows his real reasons are for leaving, but in true Letterman fashion here are Top Ten Reasons David Letterman is retiring.

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