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The late Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th president of the U.S., loved to paint and two of his paintings are unique. They are the paintings he did of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington which are the only presidential portraits ever painted by another president. Only Lincoln painting is available.

Wednesday, November 27, 201311/27/2013

You can thank Lincoln

Lincoln made Thanksgiving official in 1863.

The last "Tickle Me Elmo" in the Boston area, according to the manager of the Square One Mall in Saugus, Mass., sits in a glass case at the mall Friday, Dec. 6, 1996. The much sought-after doll, which retails for $22.95, is expected to fetch up to $1,000 in a charity auction at the mall Friday night. Proceeds will go to Children's Hospital in Boston.

Tuesday, November 26, 201311/26/2013

The “it” toy this Christmas

Does this season have a “Tickle Me Elmo”?


Monday, November 25, 201311/25/2013

A smash and grab that wasn’t worth it

Dino’s car was subject to a smash and grab over the weekend.


Friday, November 22, 201311/22/2013

The day after Thanksgiving

Is it possible that the day after is more popular than the actual day?


Wednesday, November 20, 201311/20/2013

Word of the Year? Selfie.

We just need to stop the madness.


Tuesday, November 19, 201311/19/2013

It won’t be a wonderful life if they make this movie

Some movies should just be left alone!


Monday, November 18, 201311/18/2013

My Moustache in mid-Movember

The real question is: will he keep it come December?


Friday, November 15, 201311/15/2013

Another thing I won’t be in line for

I don’t get in line for iPhones or iPads. There may have been a time when I would’ve stood in…


Thursday, November 14, 201311/14/2013

Scientists should stick to science stuff

“Alcohol substitute”? Seriously?


Friday, November 8, 201311/08/2013

The latest inductees into the Toy Hall of Fame

Did My Little Pony and CLUE make it in this year? Click to find out!

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