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Thursday, February 19, 201502/19/2015

Dino’s Digs: A New Dr. Seuss Will Soon Be On The Loose

In July, “What Pet Should I Get” will be the book kids want-the books parents call “sure bets.” The buyers…


Wednesday, February 18, 201502/18/2015

Dino’s Digs: The Fastest Written Article Ever!

Today in Dino’s Digs: A writer spends a lot of money on coffee, but spends no time writing about it.


Tuesday, February 17, 201502/17/2015

Why Should THIS Fat Tuesday Be Any Different

Mardis Gras. Fat Tuesday. Then Ash Wedneday and the start of the Lenten season. Good Catholics will have ash marks…


Monday, February 16, 201502/16/2015

Dino’s Digs: Live, From New York….

I was 15 years old when Saturday Night Live first aired and it changed what we did as high school…


Thursday, February 12, 201502/12/2015

Dino’s Digs: And Lotto Fever Breaks…

As you were, America. Another huge lottery has come and gone. The POWERBALL which zoomed up to 500 MILLION by…


Wednesday, February 11, 201502/11/2015

Dino’s Digs: Here We Go Again…

Today in Dino’s Digs: Wake up and smell the cash – it’s lottery time.


Tuesday, February 10, 201502/10/2015

Dino’s Digs: Keep Those Holiday Inn Towels OUT Of Your Suitcase

Ah, “ain’t technology grand?” No. Not if it keeps taking away long time traditions like taking towels from hotel rooms.…


Monday, February 9, 201502/09/2015

Dino’s Digs: Is There An Age Limit On Sexy?

The Grammy’s were last night. All in all it was a solid outing of music’s best, but as always, NOT…


Thursday, February 5, 201502/05/2015

Dino’s Digs: Is Christian Grey Being Set Up For Failure?

It’s getting closer. Next weekend will be the opening of the film 50 SHADES OF GREY. Fandango reports a record…


Tuesday, February 3, 201502/03/2015

Dino’s Digs: The Torture Of A Teenager

“Emptiness. Emptiness overwhelms me.” “The feeling of nothing passed into my heart.” “It felt as though I was being tortured.”…

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Harrison Ford hurt in plane crash


The "Star Wars" star was seriously injured when his vintage plane crashed shortly after taking off from an L.A. airport.

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Peeps milk coming to an Easter basket near you


Because why shouldn't milk taste more like marshmallows?

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The elephants are out of the circus


The Ringling Bros. Circus says it will eliminate elephant acts by 2018 amid public concerns.

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Bruce Willis to make Broadway debut


The "Die Hard" star will take the stage adaptation of Stephen King's acclaimed novel "Misery."

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‘Downton Abbey’ star slated to play the Beast


Dan Stevens is set to play the Beast in the live-action adaptation of the fairy tale.