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Tuesday, January 27, 201501/27/2015

Dino’s Digs: Brace For A Blizzard, Then EMBRACE A Blizzard.

The Northeast is getting socked with The Blizzard of 2015. Snow up to three feet in some locales and winds…

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Monday, January 26, 201501/26/2015

Dino’s Digs: Is Poker A Sport?

Harris Interactive released the results of a poll where they asked Americans whether certain activities count as being “sports.” The…


Friday, January 23, 201501/23/2015

Dino’s Digs: A Shock For The Jocks!

Ladies. Would you rather marry a guy who’s a tech entrepreneur (a geek) or a football player (a jock)? Sorry,…


Thursday, January 22, 201501/22/2015

Dino’s Digs: A Retro Return

J.C.Penney is bringing back their paper catalog. It’s a bit of a throwback, but apparently people still like thumbing through…


Wednesday, January 21, 201501/21/2015

Dino’s Digs: Damn You, OREOS!!

One of my winter go-to comfort treats are OREOS. The regular ones, the double stuffed ones and even the Golden…


Tuesday, January 20, 201501/20/2015

Dino’s Digs: The 90 Second “Wake You Up” Trick

Do you drag in the morning? Have a hard time waking up even AFTER a shower? Well, depending on how…


Tuesday, January 20, 201501/20/2015

Dino’s Digs: “But I Need That. It’s My Favorite.”

A new survey says that women toss out an average of $365 worth of their husband or boyfriend’s stuff when…


Friday, January 16, 201501/16/2015

Dino’s Digs: In Defense Of CASH.

Cash is King. I’ve always believed that to be true. According to a new study the average American has $22…


Thursday, January 15, 201501/15/2015


One of my favorite times of my movie year is here. The Oscar nominations came out with the winners to…


Wednesday, January 14, 201501/14/2015

Dino’s Digs: Oh, Now You Want A Paper.

Print is dead. That’s what I hear anyway. I fight it every step of the way. No books on Kindles…

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