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Monday, April 27, 201504/27/2015

The Power Washer: Worse For The Anal Retentive Or The Obessive Compulsive?

If you consider yourself to be slightly anal retentive or extremely obsessive compulsive, my advice to you is to NEVER…


Friday, April 24, 201504/24/2015

Wanna Make 4.5% More Money At Work?

Who knew that a 4.5% raise was so easy to get? Not to mention it has nothing to do with…

pledge of allegiance_flag

Thursday, April 23, 201504/23/2015

Pledge of Allegiance – Fairfield Elementary in Pickerington

This week is the entire second grade at Fairfield Elementary in Pickerington!


Thursday, April 23, 201504/23/2015

It’s The Little Things…

Yes, I know it may be counterproductive, but I WILL drive completely out of my way to draw money from…


Tuesday, April 21, 201504/21/2015

If It Ain’t Broke…

I’ll be brief. KRAFT is changing its recipe for macaroni and cheese. Starting in January, the product will no longer…


Monday, April 20, 201504/20/2015

I’m No Longer Middle-Aged.

I’m no longer middle-aged, and by that I don’t mean that I’m “old” either. If anything I am young again!…


Friday, April 17, 201504/17/2015

What, No BETA Tapes Available?

It may not count as an “everything old is new again” item, because it never really went away. Amazon.com still…


Thursday, April 16, 201504/16/2015

How The Robots Will Start To Take Over

Today in Dino’s Digs: Beginning in 2017 Skynet will be your personal chef


Wednesday, April 15, 201504/15/2015

Why You Should Wait Till The Third Date.

People lie. That’s not big news. So, let’s narrow it down a bit to some specifics. 61% of people LIE…


Tuesday, April 14, 201504/14/2015

If It’s A Stupid Injury, Have A Better Story.

A 29-year old guy in San Diego recently needed surgery on a torn tendon in his left thumb. Sports injury…

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Tom Cruise takes on Jimmy Fallon in latest lip-sync battle


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‘Empire’ co-stars reportedly engaged


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