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Monday, June 16, 201406/16/2014

The “Huh, I Did Not Know That” Fun Fact Of The Day

In France, this is banned from all school and universities, unless they are serving french fries.

Dad Son

Friday, June 13, 201406/13/2014

Dino’s Digs: What Dads Really Want

You may be stressing over what to get dad for Father’s Day, but what he wants is really simple.


Friday, June 13, 201406/13/2014

The “Huh, I Did Not Know That” Fun Fact Of The Day

67.3% of these are written at a fifth grade reading level or lower.

Dad Son

Thursday, June 12, 201406/12/2014

Today in Dino’s Digs: The Job Of Dad is Extremely Underpaid!

A new report has calculated the value of the things fathers do around the house each and every year.


Thursday, June 12, 201406/12/2014

The “Huh, I Did Not Know That” Fun Fact Of The Day

When it comes to killing pests, it’s impossible to kill one of these.


Wednesday, June 11, 201406/11/2014

The “Huh, I Did Not Know That” Fun Fact Of The Day

What trait makes referees call more fouls?


Wednesday, June 11, 201406/11/2014

Dino’s Digs: Miss Your ex? Match.com Will Find You a Look-a-Like!

Match.com has taken finding your type to a whole new level.


Tuesday, June 10, 201406/10/2014

Dino’s Digs: How To Ruin A Vacation

You plan it, look forward to it, pay big money for it, and don’t want anything to go wrong. Sadly, with vacations that’s not always the case. Here are the top 5 things that can ruin a vacation.


Monday, June 9, 201406/09/2014

Dino’s Digs: How much money do you NEED?!

No, maybe money can’t buy happiness…but I’m willing to give it a shot.


Friday, June 6, 201406/06/2014

Dino’s Digs: It’s National Donut Day!

It’s National Donut Day, and more importantly it’s D-Day. Here’s how they’re related.

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