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Friday, June 12, 201506/12/2015

It Sounds New, But It’s Old.

Drinko’s is coming to the Columbus market. It’s basically a booze delivery service. For a small fee and a minimum…


Thursday, June 11, 201506/11/2015

Stuck In The Middle Seat As A Kid?

Today in Dino’s Digs: Don’t call shotgun as a kid if you want to be a success


Wednesday, June 10, 201506/10/2015

I Don’t Want An App For That!

When the new iPhone operating system comes out this fall, the Apple Health app will be adding a feature to…


Tuesday, June 9, 201506/09/2015

After 14 Years Of Service…A Sad Loss.

It was sudden and quick and I guess in hindsight that was the best way to go, but when it…


Friday, June 5, 201506/05/2015

All We Had Was PONG And We Loved It!

The World Video Game Hall Of Fame in New York has announced their six inductees and leading the group was…


Thursday, June 4, 201506/04/2015

Be Proud, Just Not Loud.

I recently attended my godson’s graduation ceremony at Bishop Watterson and they made it very clear: “Please hold your applause…

Tuesday, June 2, 201506/02/2015

Bye, Bye, Bruce. Hello, Caitlyn!

Unless you’re just coming out of your Cone of Silence or your favorite “abyss” you’ve no doubt been introduced to…


Monday, June 1, 201506/01/2015

A Rolling Stone Gathers No LOSS

Yeah, I’ll admit that while my friends were sending me pictures from THE SHOE as-The Rolling Stones were preparing to…


Friday, May 29, 201505/29/2015

Who Cares If It’s A “School Night.”

This won’t help matters any. A new study out of Cambridge University in England has discovered that drinking alcohol, eating…


Thursday, May 28, 201505/28/2015

If You Fall, I Will Catch You (And Other Corporate Crazy Stuff).

I get it. Companies want their employees to all get along, and you’re not always going to get that assurance…

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