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Thursday, July 30, 201507/30/2015

Jimmy Kimmel takes on the lion shooter!

This video has some graphic descriptions and language. Jimmy Kimmel takes the dentist that shot a famous lion to task


Tuesday, July 28, 201507/28/2015

Ohio State Football Coaches PRANK the players!

while The Buckeyes may be feeling a little pressure to repeat a National championship, their coaches are trying to keep…


Monday, July 27, 201507/27/2015

Man decides to “pet” Cougars at The Columbus Zoo!!

This is crazy! And yes…the Zoo is pressing charges! Do you think they are right to do so?


Tuesday, July 21, 201507/21/2015

Woman gives birth in a car…on tape!

This woman gave birth right in the front seat of a car…and on videotape! Some might find this video too…


Monday, July 20, 201507/20/2015

Shark!! Caught on TV!! This one ends well!

Yikes! A shark attack on live TV! This surfer is VERY fortunate!


Thursday, July 16, 201507/16/2015

Watch Caitlyn Jenner accept the ESPY

Watch Caitlyn Jenner accept the Arthur Ashe Courage Award last night Watch


Monday, July 13, 201507/13/2015

Baby reacts to “seeing clearly” for the first time!

This is precious!!


Tuesday, June 30, 201506/30/2015

Women in Japan are in love with…a Gorilla??

Women in Japan are swooning over this gorilla…see what the hype is all about!!


Monday, June 29, 201506/29/2015

Say Hello to the worlds ugliest dog?

Aw, poor Quasi Modo…he’s been named the World’s Ugliest Dog! But the good news is his owners love him, and…

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