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Friday, April 11, 201404/11/2014

Bringing your work home now illegal in France

Do you take your work home with you? That practice is about to become illegal for a lot of people.


Wednesday, April 9, 201404/09/2014

The ultimate good samaritan will get a reward…if we can find him

An airport advocacy group wants to reward a passenger for returning a diamond ring. Problem is, no one can find him.

Dad Comes Home

Wednesday, April 9, 201404/09/2014

A heartfelt reunion

When a single father received an early return home from active duty, he came up with a special way to surprise his little girl.


Tuesday, April 8, 201404/08/2014

How ringtones can help with your break up

Changing a ringtone after the break up can help dispose of those sad feelings more quickly.

Car Wash

Tuesday, April 8, 201404/08/2014

Two-Year-Old’s Adorable Car Wash Reactions

This little girl’s reactions to going through a car wash will leave a smile on your face.


Monday, April 7, 201404/07/2014

Worst Wedding Ever?

Every woman’s dream is the perfect wedding. Couples plan their weddings for months, sometimes even years, which makes it even harder when something goes wrong.


Sunday, April 6, 201404/06/2014

The things you fight over in the car

Do you feel like you’re always arguing in your car? There may be something to it.


Wednesday, April 2, 201404/02/2014

This the equivalent of smoking 15 packs of cigarettes a day…

Plenty is known about the negative effects of cigarettes and alcohol, but what about social interaction?


Monday, March 31, 201403/31/2014

Teens are smoking what?

Teenagers are smoking something new, and it’s not cigarettes or weed.


Friday, March 28, 201403/28/2014

Woman meets her mother after being abandoned in Burger King

It’s always nice to see a sad story find a happy ending, and they don’t get much happier than this.

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