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Jessica Alba spotted out shopping

Wednesday, July 23, 201407/23/2014

Stacy’s Stuff: Beyonce, Jessica Alba, The Rolling Stones

Beyonce and Jay-Z may be headed for splitsville, Jessica Alba on the key to a happy marriage and what goes on backstage at a Rolling Stones show. Check out Stacy’s Stuff!

'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' premiere

Tuesday, July 22, 201407/22/2014

Stacy’s Stuff: Jessica Simpson, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Forbes’ Highest Paid

What Jessica Simpson won’t do again, why Phillip Seymour Hoffman left his kids out of his will and Forbes’ highest paid actors. Check out Stacy’s Stuff!

Maroon 5 In Concert

Monday, July 21, 201407/21/2014

Stacy’s Stuff: Adam Levine, Casey Kasem, Shakira

Adam Levine gets married, Casey Kasem is missing, and Shakira proves she’s the most liked on Facebook. Check out Stacy’s Stuff!


Friday, July 18, 201407/18/2014

Stacy’s Stuff: MTV Music Awards, Jason Biggs

BeyoncĂ© takes the lead in MTV VMA nominations and Jason Biggs goes too far. Check out Stacy’s Stuff!

86th Annual Oscars Arrivals

Thursday, July 17, 201407/17/2014

Stacy’s Stuff: Leonardo DiCaprio, Charlie Sheen

Leonardo DiCaprio is the smartest celeb on Twitter and Charlie Sheen appears drunk in public. Check out Stacy’s Stuff!

11th Annual John Varvatos Stuart House Benefit

Wednesday, July 16, 201407/16/2014

Stacy’s Stuff: Jessica Simpson, Cameron Diaz, Sheryl Crow

Jessica Simpson changes her name, what disgusts Cameron Diaz about Drew Barrymore and what makes Sheryl Crow feel small. Check out Stacy’s Stuff!


Tuesday, July 15, 201407/15/2014

Stacy’s Stuff: Kate Middleton, Tracy Morgan, The View

The Royal Family may be growing, Tracy Morgan goes home and who could be the next host to join The View. Check out Stacy’s Stuff!

DirecTV's 8th Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl

Monday, July 14, 201407/14/2014

Stacy’s Stuff: LeBron James, Tracy Morgan, Steven Spielberg

LeBron James returns to Cleveland, Tracy Morgan goes home and Steven Spielberg may be in the stupidest controversy ever. Check out Stacy’s Stuff!

Elsa the Snow Queen, voiced by Idina Menzel, in a scene from the animated feature "Frozen."

Thursday, July 10, 201407/10/2014

Stacy’s Stuff: Meet the girl who looks like Elsa from “Frozen”

If you are one of those parents whose kids just can’t “Let It Go” they will love this model.

2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Thursday, July 3, 201407/03/2014

Stacy’s Stuff: Ryan Gosling, Jewel, Selena Gomez

Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams’ troubles filming The Notebook, Jewel tries to top conscious uncoupling and Selena Gomez loses a friend. Check out Stacy’s Stuff!

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