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Thursday, March 12, 201503/12/2015

Mark’s Out & About : March 12th – 15th

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See what Mark recommends this weekend!


Thursday, March 12, 201503/12/2015

Dino’s Digs: When Your Name Is No Longer Your Own

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Tiger Woods opened up a new restaurant in Florida, but he can’t call it TIGER WOOD’S. He can use Tiger.…


Thursday, March 12, 201503/12/2015

Dino’s Digs: “I’d Like The McKale, Please.”

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Do you remember the commercial McDonald’s ran back in January? It was called The Unapologetic Big Mac, touting it’s indulgent…


Thursday, March 12, 201503/12/2015

Blind Golden Retriever ‘Smiley’ Warms Hearts as Therapy Dog

In Tell Me Something Good

A golden retriever named “Smiley” is living up to his name as a therapy dog who brightens the days of…


Wednesday, March 11, 201503/11/2015

Shamed Boy’s Family Gets Minivan When Public Steps In to Defend

In Tell Me Something Good

Why would anyone shame a 6-year old at school?  Why would it be the school? There is a happy ending!  This is…


Tuesday, March 10, 201503/10/2015

Dino’s Digs: Just Don’t Nap Like This At Work

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I actually know some people that get completely undressed when they use the bathroom. It seems unnecesaary to me and…


Tuesday, March 10, 201503/10/2015

Vietnam War veteran returns home to a hero’s welcome

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[WISH TV] It was a hero’s welcome decades in the making and it’s the ending to a story one veteran…


Monday, March 9, 201503/09/2015

Dino’s Digs: Ok, So I Won’t Kill Myself.

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I complained about it on Friday and unless between now and then I had actually discovered a way to STOP…

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