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FILE - In this Wednesday, July 4, 2012 file photo, Chris Andreski grills hamburgers and hot dogs in Arlington, Va. while waiting for the start of the Independence Day fireworks celebration over the National Mall in Washington. The American Farm Bureau Federation launched an informal price survey to tally up the cost of hot dogs, burgers and other Independence Day fare for 2013. The group says the average cost of a summertime picnic including hot dogs, cheeseburgers, pork spare ribs, potato salad and lemonade comes to $57.20 for 10 people, or $5.72 per person.

Thursday, May 22, 201405/22/2014

Womanning The Grill?

In Dino's Digs

More and more women are handling the grilling duties these day. What does that leave for the men to do?

Richard Marx, left, and Ryan Seacrest perform on stage at the American Idol XIII finale at the Nokia Theatre at L.A. Live on Wednesday, May 21, 2014, in Los Angeles.

Thursday, May 22, 201405/22/2014

Stacy’s Stuff for May 22nd, 2014

In Stacy's Stuff

Ryan Seacrest butchers a classic, Angelina Jolie inadvertently slams Gwyneth Paltrow and America’s “Royal Wedding.” Check out Stacy’s Stuff for May 22nd!

File - In this Friday, Sept. 21, 2012 file photo Kim Kardashian, left, is surrounded by her fans who are attempting to have their photographs taken with her as she leaves a radio station in Melbourne, Australia. "Selfie" the smartphone self-portrait has been declared word of the year for 2013 by Britain's Oxford University Press.

Wednesday, May 21, 201405/21/2014

Can we show some selfie-restraint, please!

In Dino's Digs

The trend of selfies has led to an increase in plastic surgery, but not just on the face. And the new place women are getting it done is unbelievable.

The 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

Wednesday, May 21, 201405/21/2014

Stacy’s Stuff for May 21st, 2014

In Stacy's Stuff

Why Betty White is in Columbus and what celeb is in hot water after making jokes about a dead “Bachelorette” contestant. Check out Stacy’s Stuff for May 21st!


Tuesday, May 20, 201405/20/2014

How babies have become even cuter

In Blog

What could possibly be cuter than a baby? How about a baby with eyebrows drawn on.

Red Snapper, the original Bloody Mary, which was introduced 80 years ago at the King Cole Bar in the St. Regis Hotel at the StoliĀ® Vodka's "Search for Mary," on Thursday, March 27, 2014 in New York.

Tuesday, May 20, 201405/20/2014

Need Your Veggies? A Bloody Mary Counts!

In Dino's Digs

A Bloody Mary now counts as a serving of vegetables. Allow me to provide other cocktails to make sure you get your daily dose of nutrition.

Beyond Fashion Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Tuesday, May 20, 201405/20/2014

Stacy’s Stuff for May 20th

In Stacy's Stuff

Sandra Bullock’s surprise advice for high schools grads, what Kim Kardashian may have lied about and Webster’s newest additions the dictionary. Check out Stacy’s Stuff for May 20th!

Monday, May 19, 201405/19/2014

Let The Horse Run!!!

In Dino's Digs

A nasal strip may keep us from a shot at the first Triple Crown since 1978, but I’ve got the solution.


Monday, May 19, 201405/19/2014

Stacy’s Stuff for May 19th

In Stacy's Stuff

Reaction to Michael Jackson’s Billboard performance, which celeb had a man try to go up her dress at Cannes and the Race for the Cure. Check out Stacy’s Stuff for May 19th!

bald before after 1

Friday, May 16, 201405/16/2014

Don’t Wanna Be Bald? Connect The Dots!

In Dino's Digs

It’s called micropigmentation, and big names like Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel and Pitbull have had it done. Sigh.

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