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Monday, October 13, 201410/13/2014

Hidden Buckeye Clue #1 – Week of October 13th

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Can you guess the location of the hidden Buckeye?


Friday, October 10, 201410/10/2014

Dino’s Digs: Yet Another Area Where Men Exercise Bad Judgement

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Today in Dino’s Digs: Things to know before you start a fist fight!


Thursday, October 9, 201410/09/2014

Dino’s Digs: Three friends you should NOT take to the gym!

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Today in Dino’s Digs: Avoid taking these types of friends to the gym!

Bling Ring

Thursday, October 9, 201410/09/2014

Stacy’s Stuff: Does a bigger ring mean a shorter marriage?

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Does a bigger diamond mean a longer marriage? It’s Stacy’s Stuff!


Wednesday, October 8, 201410/08/2014

Dino’s Digs: Let’s Just Bubble Wrap The Children, Shall We?

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Dino’s Digs: Has “safety” taken the fun out of our kids playgrounds?

Mark's Out & About Sponsors-Post

Wednesday, October 8, 201410/08/2014

Mark’s Out & About for Oct. 8th – Oct. 12th

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See what Mark will be doing this weekend!


Wednesday, October 8, 201410/08/2014

Stacy’s Stuff: Are you one of the “7TH HEAVEN” fans reeling from the news?

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Are you one of the “7TH HEAVEN” fans reeling from the news? This story seems crazy! It’s Stacy’s Stuff!


Tuesday, October 7, 201410/07/2014

Dino’s Digs: Don’t sit there! You’ll get fat!

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Today in Dino’s Digs: How not to overeat at a restaurant


Tuesday, October 7, 201410/07/2014

Stacy’s Stuff: Admit it You were doing the “Carlton Dance” last night

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See how Alfonso Ribeiro surprised the audience on Dancing with the Stars – It’s Stacy’s Stuff

kids watching

Monday, October 6, 201410/06/2014

Dino’s Digs: A Sad Day For Tomorrow’s Children

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Today in Dino’s Digs: The end of an era of television tradition occurred this Saturday morning.

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Coming soon: The Mustache Hall of Fame


There are halls of fame for everything from baseball to rock 'n' roll, so why not those with a hairy upper lip?

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Walmart ups ante on holiday shopping


Starting Saturday, Walmart will do whatever it takes to rope in holiday shoppers however they want to buy.

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Inspiration for ‘Harry Potter’ nemesis revealed


J.K. Rowling says the much-hated character Dolores Umbridge is based on a teacher to whom she took an instant dislike.

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App turns your smartphone into a breathalyzer


Alcohoot turns your smartphone into a portable, personal breathalyzer.