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Tuesday, August 20, 201308/20/2013

C’mon, somebody has to “feel” old?!

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You’re only as old as you feel!

Dino and Stacy

Tuesday, August 20, 201308/20/2013

A new way to lower risk of Breast Cancer!

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Hey its Stacy, and as we continue  our journey toward a Cancer-free world with The James, they have some great…

Dino and Stacy

Tuesday, August 20, 201308/20/2013

New Pics Of Prince George!

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Prince William and Kate have released new official family photos…more importantly they are the latest pictures of Prince George!  You can…


Monday, August 19, 201308/19/2013

We show more compassion for THESE than our fellow humans

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Humanity loves it’s furry companions


Monday, August 19, 201308/19/2013

What a way to start your freshman year of college!

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Ball State freshman gets some tuition relief!


Friday, August 16, 201308/16/2013

The consequences of drinking coffee – good or bad?

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All the conflicting studies have Dino confused!


Thursday, August 15, 201308/15/2013

Mark’s Out & About for August 15-18

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Don’t let the weekend go by without checking out this list!


Thursday, August 15, 201308/15/2013

What do you want to be when you grow up?

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Check out the top 5 answers!


Wednesday, August 14, 201308/14/2013

Look out for the men in BLUE… cars that is

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Dino’s found a pattern for instances of road rage!


Tuesday, August 13, 201308/13/2013

Will the real KEVIN LEWIS collect your 1 million dollars?!

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Two men named Kevin Lewis won big!

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Urban Outfitters apologizes for Kent State sweatshirt


The shirt sparked outrage for its blood-red dye and holes, in a look reminiscent of the infamous 1970 campus shootings.

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Do you tip the hotel maid?


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