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Friday, October 18, 201310/18/2013

Ohio food: dead last

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Ohio’s Cincinnati Chili is our best, but the nation’s worst


Thursday, October 17, 201310/17/2013

The “wake-up call” I apparently missed

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Everyone has a point where they consider their lifestyle – Dino contemplates his

Dino and Stacy

Thursday, October 17, 201310/17/2013

Is this fit mom being a bully?

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A fitness enthusiast- and mother of three- is under fire for posting a photo of her fit body with the caption ‘What’s your…


Thursday, October 17, 201310/17/2013

Mark’s Out & About for October 17-20

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Mark’s “Out There” Pick of the Week The 14th annual Pet Parade is at Easton Town Center Sunday at noon.  Bring…


Wednesday, October 16, 201310/16/2013

Man… cats get everything!

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You wouldn’t believe what Japan has for cats now!

Cheryl Shedden, center right, of Beavercreek, Ohio, waits in the checkout line with her daughter Catie Smoot, center left, of Providence, R.I., at Macy's in downtown Boston, Friday, Nov. 23, 2012. Black Friday, the day when retailers traditionally turn a profit for the year, got a jump start this year as many stores opened just as families were finishing up Thanksgiving dinner.

Tuesday, October 15, 201310/15/2013

Having a cow over being open on Turkey Day

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A popular chain is joining others in opening on Thursday evening.


Monday, October 14, 201310/14/2013

Curing the Hangover: Part Deux

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Hey, if it’s good enough for babies…


Monday, October 14, 201310/14/2013


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What would your sentence be?


Thursday, October 10, 201310/10/2013

The best cure for a hangover is…

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Dino might as well have found the fountain of youth.


Thursday, October 10, 201310/10/2013

Mark’s Out & About for October 10-13

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Find fun things to do all over Columbus this weekend!

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TLC cancels ‘Honey Boo Boo’


The hit reality TV show is off the air after allegations family matriarch Mama June is dating a convicted sex offender.

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Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs in new biopic


The "Dark Knight" star will portray the late Apple Computer co-founder.

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Zack Galifianakis interviews Brad Pitt on ‘Between Two Ferns’


The comic gets in some good digs at the "Fury" star in this hilariously awkward interview that's crashed by Louis C.K.

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‘Breaking Bad’ star: ‘Florida mom messed it up for everyone’


"Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul has blasted bosses at Toys 'R' Us, and started his own petition to get the action figures back on store shelves.

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TODAY’S MUST SEE: Spooky ‘Shining’ inspired IKEA commercial


You'll never aimlessly wander the floors of IKEA the same way again.