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Monday, September 22, 201409/22/2014

Dino’s Digs: Can an iPhone 6 save this marriage?

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Today in Dino’s Digs: There are a lot of things you can do in 44 hours, but this guy had another idea.


Monday, September 22, 201409/22/2014

Stacy’s Stuff: Joan Rivers, Clay Aiken, Keanu Reeves

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Joan Rivers sends a message from beyond the grave on her Facebook page – It’s Stacy’s Stuff!


Monday, September 22, 201409/22/2014

Hidden Buckeye Clue #1 – Week of September 22nd

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Can you guess the location of the hidden Buckeye?

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 10.34.50 AM

Friday, September 19, 201409/19/2014

Dino’s Digs: 20 Years! And Counting?

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Today in Dino’s Digs: Thank you to all of the listeners over the last 20 years


Thursday, September 18, 201409/18/2014

Dino’s Digs: The most profane fans in sports

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Today in Dino’s Digs: It’s not uncommon to swear at sporting events, but certain team fans do it more than most.


Thursday, September 18, 201409/18/2014

Stacy’s Stuff: Pop Music’s Greatest Year, Joan Rivers’ Doctor

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If you had to pick the BEST YEAR EVER for pop music, what year would it be? And the Identity of Joan Rivers’ Doctor. It’s Stacy’s Stuff!

Mark's Out & About Sponsors-Post

Wednesday, September 17, 201409/17/2014

Mark’s Out & About for Sept. 18th – Sept. 21st

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Explore HUGE vehicles! Horses, music & more in New Albany. And, celebrate Fall at the Zoo! Check out Mark’s list of things to do this weekend!


Wednesday, September 17, 201409/17/2014

Dino’s Digs: More American Than Apple Pie?

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Today in Dino’s Digs: Great things never die, but this trend should so there is more to go around


Wednesday, September 17, 201409/17/2014

Stacy’s Stuff: Joan Rivers, Mayim Bialik, Rihanna

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You won’t BELIEVE what Joan Rivers’ Doctor admitted he did just before performing the biopsy that later killed her! It’s Stacy’s Stuff!

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Tuesday, September 16, 201409/16/2014

Dino’s Digs: Comfort food is a myth? Say it ain’t so!

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Today in Dino’s Digs: Researchers say there is no true comfort food…now where’s my ice cream?

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TLC cancels ‘Honey Boo Boo’


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Zack Galifianakis interviews Brad Pitt on ‘Between Two Ferns’


The comic gets in some good digs at the "Fury" star in this hilariously awkward interview that's crashed by Louis C.K.

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‘Breaking Bad’ star: ‘Florida mom messed it up for everyone’


"Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul has blasted bosses at Toys 'R' Us, and started his own petition to get the action figures back on store shelves.

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