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For starters- I’m not having one.  The STEELERS aren’t in it so, whats the point?  But when they DO return to Super Bowl glory and I HAVE another party, here’s why you won’t be there.  A recent survey listed some of the worst things you can do at a Super Bowl get-together and I tend to agree.

1.  Don’t act like an expert on football, food, or whatever.  Its the SUPER BOWL.  Your Madden-like analysis was needed during the regular season, not now.  If you’re a “foodie”, good for you.  Just eat it. Don’t discuss it unless you agree that my seven layer dip is the most amazing thing you’ve ever put on a chip.

2.  Leave MY remote alone.  This ain’t your ship, so hands of the wheel!  Don’t change my channels and that goes for ALL the TV’s.  Don’t even let me see you changing one of the smaller, secondary TV’s to something else.  If you want to watch something else, that’s fine- GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

3.  If you’re on a diet, keep it to yourself.  Don’t count calories.  Don’t ask me if there’s anything “healthy” to eat, and don’t tell me how disappointed you’re going to be with yourself because you had a second helping of chicken wings, ot for that matter- ANY chicken wings.

But aside from the above, please, by all means enjoy yourself. MY house after all is YOUR house, and I want your SUPER BOWL experience to be an enjoyable one.

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