Sunny on the Money

Sunny on the Money

Sunny on the Money

Thursday, August 1, 201308/01/2013

Timely Savings

Now is a good time to get deals on some summer clothes.

Wednesday, July 31, 201307/31/2013

Grocery Store Tricks

We might think we’re getting better deals on those products on the end-caps of the grocery store aisles when we’re…

Tuesday, July 30, 201307/30/2013

Travel Savings

For domestic, non-holiday air travel, start looking for the best rates about 21 days before your departure.

Monday, July 29, 201307/29/2013

Long Term Care

You can sell life insurance policies for 30-60% of their death benefit values and convert the money into FDIC-protected senior…

Piggy bank

Friday, July 26, 201307/26/2013

Good Timing

This is the time to replace things like worn-out patio furniture, air conditioners, and kid’s back-to-school clothing.

Thursday, July 25, 201307/25/2013

Unit Price

When it comes to food shopping, bigger isn’t always better — or cheaper.

Wednesday, July 24, 201307/24/2013

Back To School Already???

Most retailers are holding off on their back-to-school sales, but Walmart and Apple are already promoting school-related products, while others…

Tuesday, July 23, 201307/23/2013

Nobody’s “Perfect”

A so-called “perfect” credit score is hard to come by, but don’t lose sleep over it.

Monday, July 22, 201307/22/2013

Home Value Insurance

Home Value Insurance has been available in Ohio for almost 2 years. You can insure against a drop in your…

Friday, July 19, 201307/19/2013

Made In The Shade

To keep your house cool, remember awnings, louvers and shutters block direct sunlight.


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