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Podcast: Dentally Speaking 8/23/15

Sunday, August 23, 201508/23/2015

Dentally Speaking 8/23/15

School supplies for the less fortunate! Dr. Kvitko brings you interviews from The MCS TOUCH Back To School Rally

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  08-16-15

Sunday, August 16, 201508/16/2015

Dentally Speaking 08-16-15

Dr. Kvitko brings you interviews from The Sunny 95 Touch-A-Truck and Cruise The Ville

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  08-02-15

Monday, August 10, 201508/10/2015

Dentally Speaking 08-02-15

Dentally Speaking With Dr. Kvitko takes you on a tour of Impression 5

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  08-09-15

Monday, August 10, 201508/10/2015

Dentally Speaking 08-09-15

Dr. Kvitko welcomes Joe Simon, a retired funeral director and embalmer in the studio

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  07-26-15

Sunday, July 26, 201507/26/2015

Dentally Speaking 07-26-15

Dr. Kvitko brings you interviews from”The Living Smart Workshop held at New Birth Christian Ministries on Refugee Rd.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  07-19-15

Sunday, July 19, 201507/19/2015

Dentally Speaking 07-19-15

Dr. Kvitko brings you a “Teeth Across America: episode from Lansing Michigan

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  7/12/15

Sunday, July 12, 201507/12/2015

Dentally Speaking 7/12/15

Dr. Kvitko brings you “10 common reasons why you should never skip your dental check up!”

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  07-05-15

Sunday, July 5, 201507/05/2015

Dentally Speaking 07-05-15

Dr. Kvitko brings you “10 common reasons people say they hate the dentist and his response to all 10.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  06-28-15

Sunday, June 28, 201506/28/2015

Dentally Speaking 06-28-15

Dr. Kvitko brings you “20 things YOU can do to make your dental visits more comfortable Part 2

Podcast: Dentally Speaking 6/21/15

Sunday, June 21, 201506/21/2015

Dentally Speaking 6/21/15

Women in dentistry. Dr. Kvitko brings you an interview with Dr. Maxine Feinberg, The third woman president of The American Dental Association.

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