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Podcast: Dentally Speaking 5/24/15

Sunday, May 24, 201505/24/2015

Dentally Speaking 5/24/15

Free Dentistry! Volunteers Needed! Dr. Kvitko describes his upcoming Dentistry From The Heart charity event and health fair.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  05-17-15

Sunday, May 17, 201505/17/2015

Dentally Speaking 05-17-15

Dr. Kvitko welcomes back Keith Carlos, the first male winner of America’s Next Top Model, the hit show on The CW, back for a follow up show

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  5-10-15

Sunday, May 10, 201505/10/2015

Dentally Speaking 5-10-15

Dr. Kvitko welcomes Keith Carlos, the first male winner of America’s Next Top Model, the hit show on The CW, live in the studio

Podcast: Dentally Speaking 05/03/15

Sunday, May 3, 201505/03/2015

Dentally Speaking 05/03/15

Giving foster kids something “all their own”. Dr. Kvitko welcomes Jessica Hollins, the founder and CEO of “My Very Own Blanket

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  04-26-15

Sunday, April 26, 201504/26/2015

Dentally Speaking 04-26-15

Dental News Bites. Topics include an office manager arrested for posing as a dentist, Dr. Oz’ claims for a do it yourself tooth whitening method, and the state of HB 95 in the Ohio House. What is it and why is it important.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  04-19-15

Sunday, April 19, 201504/19/2015

Dentally Speaking 04-19-15

16 things that can cause a crown to come off, what to do if one does and is it is an emergency?

Podcast: Dentally Speaking

Sunday, April 12, 201504/12/2015

Dentally Speaking

Got a toothache? Would you like to know the cause? Dr Kvitko brings you the Top Ten causes of tooth pain.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  4/5/15

Sunday, April 5, 201504/05/2015

Dentally Speaking 4/5/15

Dark Chocolate is good for your teeth? Dr Kvitko brings you the Best and Worst Easter Candy for your teeth, and the top 25 Easter candies in order

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  3-29-15

Sunday, March 29, 201503/29/2015

Dentally Speaking 3-29-15

Today, Dr Kvitko will test your Dental IQ and bring you The Top Ten Dental Symptoms as reported by the ADA

Podcast: Dentally Speaking 3/22/15

Sunday, March 22, 201503/22/2015

Dentally Speaking 3/22/15

Dr Kvitko talks to various people at The Arnold Fitness Kids Expo about the importance of not only physical fitness, but fitness of the mind and the mouth.

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