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Podcast: Dentally Speaking 2/22/15

Sunday, February 22, 201502/22/2015

Dentally Speaking 2/22/15

Dr Kvitko welcomes Dr. Paul Casamassimo Professor and director of The OSU College of Dentistry Division of Pediatric Dentistry, and Nationwide Children’s Hospital Department of Dentistry, Live in the studio to discuss Children’s Dental Health issues.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  02-15-15

Sunday, February 15, 201502/15/2015

Dentally Speaking 02-15-15

Dr Kvitko discusses, Cracked Tooth Syndrome, giving you information about what it is, tips on how to know you have it, what to do if you do, and the ramifications of your different choices for treatment

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  02-08-15

Sunday, February 8, 201502/08/2015

Dentally Speaking 02-08-15

Dr Kvitko gives you tips on how to keep your baby’s and children’s teeth healthy. Learn the 6 steps to keeping your child’s teeth clean, find out why baby teeth are important and besides brushing and flossing, the 5 ways to protect your child’s teeth.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  02-01-15

Sunday, February 1, 201502/01/2015

Dentally Speaking 02-01-15

On the 70th anniversary of the first public water fluoridation program,Dr Kvitko tells the story of Fluoride. Also on the show, hear more about how road construction and dentistry are similar, plus, hear the gruesome truth behind Hollywood’s most famous Smiles.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking 1/25/15

Sunday, January 25, 201501/25/2015

Dentally Speaking 1/25/15

In honor of The NHL All Stars Weekend in Columbus, Dr. Kvitko takes a look at the number of traumatic tooth and mouth injuries in the NHL.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  1-18-15

Sunday, January 18, 201501/18/2015

Dentally Speaking 1-18-15

Dr. Kvitko welcomes Dr. Deborah Mendel to the show, live by phone from Chicago. As a dentist on the faculty of The Ohio State University College of Dentistry, Dr. Mendel is in charge of the athletic mouth guard program for the football and basketball teams. Dr. Kvitko and Dr. Mendel discuss the ins and outs of making sure these college athletes have the proper mouth protection in place while they go about the business of winning national championships

Podcast: Dentally Speaking 1/11/15

Sunday, January 11, 201501/11/2015

Dentally Speaking 1/11/15

” Dr. Kvitko welcomes Deputy Director or ODOT District 6, Ferzan Ahmed to the show to discuss the myriad of parallels between doing dentistry and constructing roads and bridges. You’ll be amazed to learn all of the similarities!”

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  12-21-14

Sunday, January 4, 201501/04/2015

Dentally Speaking 12-21-14

Dr. Kvitko brings you The Anatomy of Dental Insurance.” You’ll hear answers to questions like “What is an EOB?” “Is a predetermination of benefits a guarantee of payment?” “If I am 19 years old and I want braces, am I covered?” “Is coverage for cleanings twice per year the same as once every 6 months?” and much more

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  1-4-15

Sunday, January 4, 201501/04/2015

Dentally Speaking 1-4-15

Dr. Kvitko welcomes Ferzan Ahmed into the studio. Ferzan is the deputy director of ODOT’s District 6. Besides getting updates on road projects now underway, Dr. Kvitko and Ferzan discuss the myriad of parallels between doing dentistry and constructing roads and bridges. You’ll be amazed to learn all of the similarities!”

Podcast: Dentally Speaking 12/28/14

Sunday, December 28, 201412/28/2014

Dentally Speaking 12/28/14

Dr. Kvitko brings you interviews from the “Cancer Can’t Stop Christmas” event held this past December 26th by The Cancer Option Collaborative.

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