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Dentally Speaking

Sunday morning, 8-9AM
Dentally Speaking with Dr. Kvitko offers insight, information, and practical advice about dentistry.

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Podcast: Dentally Speaking 7/20/14

Sunday, July 20, 201407/20/2014

Dentally Speaking 7/20/14

Dr. Kvitko brings you the final installment of his tour of The Dr. John Harris Dental Museum in Bainbridge Ohio.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  07-13-14

Sunday, July 13, 201407/13/2014

Dentally Speaking 07-13-14

Dr. Kvitko interviews Dwight Wells the President of The West Central Ohio Bee Keepers Association. Find out if honey is better or worse for your teeth than granulated sugar and how honey can help prevent hay fever

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  07-06-14

Sunday, July 6, 201407/06/2014

Dentally Speaking 07-06-14

Local children talk about the tooth fairy and sing “Let it go” from the Disney Movie “Frozen”, while the adults talk business. Then they all come together for the big Boom! Dr. Kvitko brings you a Teeth Across America episode with interviews of folks at the downtown “Red White and Boom” fireworks display

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  06-29-14

Thursday, July 3, 201407/03/2014

Dentally Speaking 06-29-14

Dr. Kvitko interviews Dr. Paveen Arany DDS, PhD live from Bethesda Maryland about his groundbreaking research using low level lasers to re grow tooth structure from stem cells

Podcast: Dentally Speaking 06/22/14

Sunday, June 22, 201406/22/2014

Dentally Speaking 06/22/14

Dr. Kvitko brings you a guided tour from The Dr. John Harris Dental Museum in Bainbridge Ohio.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking 6/15/14

Sunday, June 15, 201406/15/2014

Dentally Speaking 6/15/14

In his ongoing “Teeth Across America” series, Dr. Kvitko again visits the Boerger, Westfall & Heath Farm in Woodstock, Ohio to ride the big tractor that plants!

Podcast: Dentally Speaking 6/8/14

Monday, June 9, 201406/09/2014

Dentally Speaking 6/8/14

Dr. Kvitko brings you interviews from the Worthington Touch A Truck event.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  06-01-14

Sunday, June 1, 201406/01/2014

Dentally Speaking 06-01-14

Dr. Kvitko brings you a “Teeth Across America” episode from The Champaign Aviation Museum in Urbana Ohio

Podcast: Dentally Speaking 05/25/14

Sunday, May 25, 201405/25/2014

Dentally Speaking 05/25/14

Dr. Kvitko visits The Dr. John Harris Dental Museum in Bainbridge Ohio.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking 05/18/14

Sunday, May 18, 201405/18/2014

Dentally Speaking 05/18/14

Helicopters! Watercraft! Race Cars! Bicycle Helmets! It’s not just trucks at the Worthington Parks and Recreation Touch-A-Truck event. Get all the details as Dr. Kvitko brings you another “Teeth Across America” episode.