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Dentally Speaking

Sunday morning, 8-9AM
Dentally Speaking with Dr. Kvitko offers insight, information, and practical advice about dentistry.

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Podcast: Dentally Speaking 11-24-13

Sunday, November 24, 201311/24/2013

Dentally Speaking 11-24-13

Dr. Kvitko brings you interviews from the Teamsmile event at Paul Brown Stadium with the Cincinnati Bengals plus an interview with T.J. Ward, #43, of the Cleveland Browns.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  11-17-13

Sunday, November 17, 201311/17/2013

Dentally Speaking 11-17-13

Dr. Kvitko welcomes Mr. Rod Crane, President and CEO of MedFlight into the studio to talk about the exciting world of medical transport

Podcast: Dentally Speaking 11/10/13

Sunday, November 10, 201311/10/2013

Dentally Speaking 11/10/13

Dr. Kvitko brings you a “Teeth Across America and Canada” episode with interviews from Canterbury Dental in St. John’s, New Brunswick, Canada, plus interviews from the Teamsmile event at which he volunteered in Cincinnati in conjunction with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking 11-3-13

Sunday, November 3, 201311/03/2013

Dentally Speaking 11-3-13

Moose Dynasty? Dr. Kvitko brings you a “Teeth Across America” episode with man on the street interviews from St. Martins, New Foundland, and St. Johns, New Brunswick, as well as an interview with a cruise ship doctor.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking 10-27-13

Sunday, October 27, 201310/27/2013

Dentally Speaking 10-27-13

Dr. Kvitko brings you a “Teeth Across America and Canada” episode with man on the street interviews from Portland, Maine and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking 10-20-13

Sunday, October 20, 201310/20/2013

Dentally Speaking 10-20-13

DR. Kvitko brings you a “Teeth Across America”episode with man on the street interviews from Times Square New York, Boston, and Portland, Maine.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  10-13-13

Sunday, October 13, 201310/13/2013

Dentally Speaking 10-13-13

Dr. Kvitko welcomes into the studio Karlie Redd of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. This is her first interview since receiving a smile makeover from Dr. Kvitko

Podcast: Dentally Speaking 10-06-13

Sunday, October 6, 201310/06/2013

Dentally Speaking 10-06-13

Dr. Kvitko celebrates his 300th Episode!!!

Podcast: Dentally Speaking 09-29-13

Sunday, September 29, 201309/29/2013

Dentally Speaking 09-29-13

Dr. Kvitko speaks with special guest, Dr. Bill Dorfman from Extreme Makeover.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  09-22-13

Sunday, September 22, 201309/22/2013

Dentally Speaking 09-22-13

Dr. Kvitko welcomes State Representative Mike Duffey to the show to discuss the dental ramifications of Obama Care and the issue of state medicaid expansion