Sunday Morning Programming: Dentally Speaking

Dentally Speaking

Sunday morning, 8:30-9AM
Dentally Speaking with Dr. Kvitko offers insight, information, and practical advice about dentistry.

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Podcast: Dentally Speaking 03/23/14

Sunday, March 23, 201403/23/2014

Dentally Speaking 03/23/14

Chew away, so you don’t get tooth decay! Dr. Kvitko brings you “Combat Gum” part two.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  03-16-14

Sunday, March 16, 201403/16/2014

Dentally Speaking 03-16-14

Dr. Kvitko welcomes Colonel Hale, a maxillofacial surgeon and Kai P. Leung Phd, a microbiologist researcher, both calling from San Antonio Tx, to the show. Together, they invented Combat Gum which has been approved by the FDA for human trials. Combat Gum is a new chewing gum that promises to significantly decrease the incidence of cavities and gum disease

Podcast: Dentally Speaking 03/09/14

Sunday, March 9, 201403/09/2014

Dentally Speaking 03/09/14

A light-hearted way to get over losing an hour of sleep! Dr. Kvitko welcomes homegrown Comedian/Humorist/singer Mary Miller to the show, live in the studio for a light hearted look at dentistry.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking 3-2-14

Sunday, March 2, 201403/02/2014

Dentally Speaking 3-2-14

Can a woman’s smile predict her fertility? How did a set of teeth end up in a baby’s brain? Get the answers from Dr Kvitko as he brings you Dental News Bites! The answers are unbelievable!

Podcast: Dentally Speaking 02/23/14

Sunday, February 23, 201402/23/2014

Dentally Speaking 02/23/14

Quality dentures that are less expensive and done in one step? Can it be done? Dr. Kvitko welcomes Dr. Larry Wallace, an oral surgeon who invented the Larell One Step Denture System.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking 2/16/14

Sunday, February 16, 201402/16/2014

Dentally Speaking 2/16/14

Dr. Kvitko welcomes MC Lessard, a personal development coach and owner of 4DExcellence, live from Ottawa Canada.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  02-09-14

Sunday, February 9, 201402/09/2014

Dentally Speaking 02-09-14

Dr. Kvitko welcomes Jessica Wiegers, a dental office manager with a Masters in Business Administration, live from California near San Diego

Podcast: Dentally Speaking

Sunday, February 2, 201402/02/2014

Dentally Speaking

Is money keeping you from getting your dental work? Find out how you can afford dental care as Dr. Kvitko welcomes Gil Morlock of Universal Healthcare Lending live from Arizona.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking 1-26-14

Sunday, January 26, 201401/26/2014

Dentally Speaking 1-26-14

Dr. Kvitko welcomes Dorothy Garlough, of Innovative Advancement live from Ontario Canada.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking 1/19/14

Sunday, January 19, 201401/19/2014

Dentally Speaking 1/19/14

What is Ruining your teeth? Can losing your teeth damage your memory? Dr. Kvitko brings you Dental News Bites!