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Dentally Speaking

Sunday morning, 8:30-9AM
Dentally Speaking with Dr. Kvitko offers insight, information, and practical advice about dentistry.

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Podcast: Dentally Speaking 05/18/14

Sunday, May 18, 201405/18/2014

Dentally Speaking 05/18/14

Helicopters! Watercraft! Race Cars! Bicycle Helmets! It’s not just trucks at the Worthington Parks and Recreation Touch-A-Truck event. Get all the details as Dr. Kvitko brings you another “Teeth Across America” episode.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  05-11-14

Monday, May 12, 201405/12/2014

Dentally Speaking 05-11-14

In his ongoing “Teeth Across America” series, Dr. Kvitko again visits the Boerger, Westfall & Heath Farm in Woodstock, Ohio.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking 05/04/14

Sunday, May 4, 201405/04/2014

Dentally Speaking 05/04/14

Dental News Bites! Dr. Kvitko talks about a new oral cancer therapy, mummy plaque, how your dentist can help your diabetes and more.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking 4/27/14

Sunday, April 27, 201404/27/2014

Dentally Speaking 4/27/14

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. No person is immune. Celebrities, former presidents of the United States and NFL quarterbacks have all suffered from Oral Cancer. Dr. Kvitko welcomes back Dr. Bill Nelson, president elect of The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons from Wisconsin, to discuss oral cancer awareness.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking 4/20/14

Sunday, April 20, 201404/20/2014

Dentally Speaking 4/20/14

Horses, kitties, puppies, and bunnies (just in time for Easter), oh My! Dr. Kvitko welcomes OSU Vet students Jeaniene Leis and Amanda Darbyshire to the show to talk pet dentistry!

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  04-13-14

Monday, April 14, 201404/14/2014

Dentally Speaking 04-13-14

Dr. Kvitko welcomes Dr. Bill Nelson, president elect of The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons live from Wisconsin, to discuss National Facial Protection Month.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking 04/06/14

Sunday, April 6, 201404/06/2014

Dentally Speaking 04/06/14

Dr. Kvitko brings you a “Teeth Across America” episode from down on the farm in Woodstock Ohio

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  03-30-14

Sunday, March 30, 201403/30/2014

Dentally Speaking 03-30-14

Dr. Kvitko welcomes Kimberly Telek and Katelyn Veltri, two dental hygiene students at The Ohio State University College of Dentistry who are coordinating a 5K run/walk to raise money for Give Kids A Smile

Podcast: Dentally Speaking 03/23/14

Sunday, March 23, 201403/23/2014

Dentally Speaking 03/23/14

Chew away, so you don’t get tooth decay! Dr. Kvitko brings you “Combat Gum” part two.

Podcast: Dentally Speaking  03-16-14

Sunday, March 16, 201403/16/2014

Dentally Speaking 03-16-14

Dr. Kvitko welcomes Colonel Hale, a maxillofacial surgeon and Kai P. Leung Phd, a microbiologist researcher, both calling from San Antonio Tx, to the show. Together, they invented Combat Gum which has been approved by the FDA for human trials. Combat Gum is a new chewing gum that promises to significantly decrease the incidence of cavities and gum disease