You At Your Best

A New Journey
A New Journey

Well, I certainly haven’t been feeling “my best” for a while now and you have no idea how ready I am for my knee surgery on Wednesday!  I’ve spent so much time dealing with pain and swelling, I can’t even imagine having a “normal” knee again! But, thanks to Dr. Robie and the amazing staff at Ohio Orthopedic Center of Excellence, I’m on my way to a new beginning!  I never thought I’d miss working out as much as I have over the past couple of months!  My routine has been upset like an apple cart and I miss my trainer James at Premier so much!  To say I’m ready to “get back on it” is an understatement!  This beautiful weather has me craving a power walk!!  I want to thank all of you for the well-wishes and I look forward to coming back with the outlook and enthusiasm to “get ‘er done!”

As summer approaches, You at Your Best is still on my mind! A new journey is on its way, and I truly can’t wait!!!

Let’s celebrate right now – shall we?  Let me know what you’ve got on your agenda this summer to be your best and I’ll pick one of you randomly next week while I’m out to win this cute picnic basket/bag with some picnic goodies inside!

xoxo – Trisha