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Finding Inspiration From Those Around Us
Finding Inspiration From Those Around Us

This is the story of one of my dearest friends from high school, Brian Jones; whenever I feel like I can’t go any further or I start to feel down on myself, I turn to Brian and his story and remember that we all have it in us to do anything we set our minds to do! Never give up on yourself! We all have the strength in us to keep going, and sometimes the stories of others around us can do wonders for our own motivation to keep on the path toward being our best…

Brian’s Story

Almost two years ago I fell off a roof in North Carolina changing my life forever. After 8 surgeries and a staph infection/near amputation, I was advised to resign myself to a best case scenario of always using a walker; and a wheelchair was a real possibility. Beginning with God and my wife Summer Hodges Jones,  I decided I wasn’t going to participate in my disability. Throw in Mark Rippetoe of Starting Strength/Wichita Falls Athletic Club and Jim Steel of Bas’ Barbell. WE beat the odds. This opportunity for improving myself has allowed doors to be opened for me to help with others facing challenges. To all of you that I am in communication with – -no matter where you are in your journey – -remember – – Be Patient with Yourself and Always Do a Little More tomorrow . .even if it is one step, one block, one pound, or one more minute. Change does not happen overnight, and it certainly is not in a pill, a fad diet, food or booze. Change and Improvement comes from within. From Your Heart. You CAN do it. God and family can help handle the weight of your life. You can handle the weight on the barbell.

Have you had a special setback that changed your life and made you stronger?