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The Concert Workout
The Concert Workout

If you were at the Bon Jovi concert this past Sunday, then you, like me, have finally discovered how our favorite artists stay so thin! Watching Jon and the rest of the band on stage, proves what I’ve been saying for years; singers and dancers really don’t have to try when they’re on tour! Haha  If I did a three hour show and moved like Jon every night on every continent around the world, how could I possibly NOT be in great shape too???

Seriously, after three hours of standing and dancing my bootie off, I’m convinced I shaved off at least another 3 pounds on Sunday!  So, with summer just around the corner, turn up your favorite songs on Sunny 95 and dance like nobody’s watching!  You just might find that music not only soothes the soul, but also whittles away the waist line. ;-)

Happy Working Out!

xo – Trisha