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The Trisha Project Week 3 – Overcoming a Setback
The Trisha Project Week 3 – Overcoming a Setback

So, the Trisha Project took a turn for the worse this week.  On Tuesday, I went to visit my trusted friends at The Ohio Orthopedic Center of Excellence to have a look-see at my knee which has been hurting me for a few weeks.  I had no idea what I’d done…all I knew was it hurt.  While I was sick last week, I was able to rest my knee enough to where it was feeling a little better, but knowing I was about to start an 8-week spin and body pump class at Premier at Sawmill Athletic Club I knew I needed to be a grown up and have the thing looked at. I’m sure glad I did. On top of having arthritis on my knee cap, I may have a torn meniscus!!!  So, it’s physical therapy for the next three weeks or more and learning to work-out without using my lower body!!

The most important thing I’ve discovered is that in the past I would have (dramatically) fallen on my sword, and probably just given up! But you know, the new stronger (and less-dramatic) Trisha, walked away with an attitude of power!

I spoke with my trainer James and we both agreed I can do this! It’s going to be a new set of challenges to keep on my path toward my weight loss goal (I’m still down 16 pounds!!)  and you know what? I’m ready! I’m staring adversity in the face and saying “Watch Me!”

Have you had a setback that ultimately made you stronger?