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The Trisha Project Week 4 – Back On It!
The Trisha Project Week 4 – Back On It!

After being sick and babying a possible torn meniscus, I took the leap (albeit a safe baby leap) and headed back to the gym. My bum knee had me convinced I was going to hurt, therefore, I had psyched myself out to the point I was afraid to take that first step – but my commitment to the You at Your Best Winter Workout Workshop at Premier at Sawmill Athletic Club and my not wanting to let down my gals got my shoes on and my rear back to the gym on Tuesday! I can’t tell you how great I felt after that Body Pump class!! So much so, that I was back in the gym Wednesday morning with James and feeling better than ever! While my knee has shown no sign of pain or discomfort, I’m still taking it slow and giving it a chance to gain strength so I can continue to move forward. I’m still down 16 pounds and I don’t plan on letting the scale creep back up! On to the next challenge!! I am hoping for another 10 pounds in the next 4 weeks! Below are some great tips from James on how to stay positive. The biggest challenge is not sabotaging your own success! It starts with a positive mental focus. These tips sure are helping me, and I hope they can help you too!

Stop the Mental Sabotage

It is this way because you believe it to be… You BELIEVE that you set yourself up for failure, therefore you DO!  It is a part of “being you.”  No different than being humorous, big hearted, or being good at your job.  The problem is 1) your experiences & 2) your PERCEPTION of them.

You have had experience NOT feeling loved, or being told or made to feel that you were not enough, feelings of self-blame, self-pity, “where did I go wrong, all the way down to, “I did what I could; to heck with her/ him!” lol… this is divorce in a nutshell!

You have also experienced starting exercise programs & not following through; for whatever reason.  You have since “summed up” that this is YOU.  The mind is powerful & your thoughts become realities (positive or negative: keep in mind that science really has no +/ – , it is all a value & different values mean different things). Your mind also doesn’t know the difference between reality & thoughts… so much so, that trying to tell your mind (against its perception of your experiences) differently is “against everything that is YOU.”

Hence, you have to start with PROVING that, 1st, your perception was simply that, perception, not based on fact & 2nd CHANGING your perception of what & who is YOU.

Which brings us back to rationale…

Is it a FACT that you WILL fail? NO, you have no idea until you have given a solid effort.

Is it a fact that you have always failed? NO, you have done many things with success.

CAN you succeed at this? YES, for you are human & humans can change!

Therefore, whether you look into the mirror & repeat it, listen to a recording at night, visualize with a few moments of rest & meditation, stop yourself at the instant of every negative or self-defeating thought & correct it on the spot, or preferably ALL of the above… YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR OWN PERCEPTION OF YOU – your self-image.  Bringing us back full circle to, “that which you believe about yourself or your capabilities will be exactly that.”

Think: if you asked your loved ones, would they answer the same or differently about you than you would?  Generally they are closer to the truth.  But it will not matter, just like a thin woman believes she is fat & NOBODY, even the fact in scale & measurements, can tell her otherwise… SAME thing.  YOU have to rationalize your way out of it.