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The Trisha Project – Week 7 Taking a Turn for the Worse
The Trisha Project – Week 7 Taking a Turn for the Worse

Well, I can tell you that The Trisha Project has certainly had its highs and its lows. Right now, I’m at a major low.  Have you ever been so excited for something, only to have it go in completely the opposite direction? I’m at that crossroad. Due to my right knee (which I’ve been babying since February) I have had to suspend my workouts and it has totally bummed me out!  While I know it’s not my fault my knee isn’t working (hello 40’s!), this isn’t what I envisioned when taking on The Trisha Project.  I want to thank James Buffington and Premier at Sawmill Athletic Club for their continued support of me and my fitness goals through this whole thing.  The great news…I’m down 16 pounds and have kept it off!   I’m thrilled! They are an amazing group of people, and I’m looking forward to working with James on some alternative options for fitness and nutrition while my knee heals.  We’ll pass those hints along to you in the next couple of weeks.

Tuesday I’m putting my knee in the capable hands of The Ohio Orthopedic Center of Excellence, and I’m content in knowing that I have a great doctor and facility right here in my backyard.  Dr. Robie thinks it might be a torn meniscus, and has given me strict orders to slow down and give this knee a rest!  Ladies – our schedules don’t understand the word “rest,” do they??  J

Anyway – thank you so much for supporting me and The Trisha Project.  I hope I have and will continue to inspire you to keep moving and being the best you can be.  I’m so glad to know we have each other to lean on.

xo – Trisha